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Do you want to learn how to use Spring Boot to create engaging applications? Do you want to learn it in mere minutes instead of suffering for days trying to learn various programming languages? Are you a Spring Developer looking to hone your skills or just someone who is looking to expand their programming skill set?

Then this course, offered by Udemy and created by a Cleveland based Software Engineer, Dan Vega is the right choice for you. This particular course offered, called “Learn Spring Boot” is designed to introduce you to Spring Boot through showing you an opinionated view of the building of Spring applications through both the Java and Groovy programming languages. It is a crash course, one where very little knowledge of both of these programming languages is recommended and where any prior knowledge of the Spring Framework is not at all necessary in order to learn.



What does responsive mean? It means that Studio will adapt and conform to any device size and will still look great. Studio is great for those looking to capture a large mobile audience.

What am I going to get from this course?
  • Over 87 lectures and 11 hours of content!
  • Create Spring MVC Applications
  • Connect to databases using Spring Data
  • Secure your applications using Spring Security
  • Create an executable JAR of and package your application
What is the target audience?
  • Students new to Spring Boot
  • Students new & existing to the Spring Framework
  • You should NOT take this course if you have never used Java before.


This course was designed for students of all levels. Beginners will enjoy the step by instruction and introduction to Spring Boot while seasoned Spring developers will love how Spring Boot can increase their productivity.


Below is our course outline. Just click on the title of any section to reveal the contents of that section.

  • About Me & About This Course
  • The Spring Framework
  • Spring Boot
  • Source Code For This Course
  • Introduction Quiz
  • [Exercise] Spring Documentation
  • Development Environment Intro
  • Installing Java on Windows
  • Installing Java on Mac OS X
  • Installing Groovy on Windows
  • Installing Gradle on Windows
  • Installing Spring CLI on Windows
  • Installing SDK Man
  • Installing IntelliJ on Windows
  • Installing IntelliJ on Mac OSX
  • Hello, Spring Boot Intro
  • Hello, World! Creating Your First Spring Boot Applicaiton
  • [Exercise] Create your first Spring Boot Application
  • Spring Initializr
  • Build Tools Overview
  • Maven Build
  • Gradle Build
  • Build Tools
  • Starter POMs
  • Creating Executable JARs
  • Spring DevTools and Live Reload
  • [Exercise] Building Your First Real World Application
  • Spring Boot Fundamentals Introduction
  • Spring Beans and Dependency Injection
  • Spring Beans and Dependency Injection Demo
  • Spring Beans and Dependency Injection
  • Application Properties and YAML Configuration
  • Configuration Properties
  • Profiles
  • Auto Configuration
  • Configuration
  • Spring Core Fundamentals Exercise
  • Developing Web Applications Intro
  • Spring MVC Intro
  • Web Application Demo
  • Developing Web Applications
  • Static Content
  • Bower
  • Template Engines
  • Thymeleaf Demo
  • GSP Demo
  • Static Content and The View Layer
  • Internationalization (i18n)
  • Error Handling
  • Exception Handling
  • [Exercise] Creating a web application
  • Data Access Introduction
  • Creating an Application using H2's in-memory database
  • Creating Entities and Repositories
  • H2 In-memory and JPA Quiz
  • Loading Data
  • Refactor
  • Refactor Blog Part 2
  • Production Database
  • Spring Data JDBC
  • NoSQL - MongoDB
  • [Exercise] Data Access with JPA and h2 Exercise
  • Spring Data JPA - Creating Queries Part 1
  • Spring Data JPA - Creating Queries Part 2
  • Security Introduction
  • Spring Security Intro
  • Spring Security - Custom Configuration Part 1
  • Spring Security - Custom Configuration Part 2
  • Spring Security Basics
  • Spring Security Custom Login Form
  • Spring Security and JPA
  • [Exercise] Securing you application
  • REST API Intro
  • HTTP Request Methods (Verbs)
  • HTTP Status Codes
  • Content Negotiation
  • HTTP Clients
  • Building A REST API
  • REST Components
  • Error Handling
  • Hypermedia
  • Hypermedia Demo
  • REST Template
  • [Exercise] Building a REST API
  • CRUD Starter
  • Read
  • Create
  • Validation
  • Update
  • Delete
  • [Exercise] Buidling a CRUD Application
  • Guides Intro
  • Sending Email
  • Scheduling Tasks
  • Thank You
  • Spring Boot Resources


My name is Dan Vega and I am a Software Engineer based in Cleveland OH. I have been creating software for over 15 years now and I absolutely love my job. I love to learn new technologies but I enjoy teaching them to others even more. I started a blog about 8 years ago for that reason alone. I write about my adventures in software development and I love interacting with other developers. I also created a YouTube channel where I create short tutorials on anything that interests me. I have spoken at many user group meetings in Cleveland as well as conferences across the country.


"The course met my expecations and I am happy I took it. I learned a lot of it. The teacher is very clear, the course is easy to understand and follow, I recommend this course to anyone." - Jaanek Liiskmaa
"This IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! Best course EVER!!!!!!" - Patrick Vicedomine
"Dan Vega explains everything so well. You have easy access to his code. The audio is good. And most importantly he responds to all the questions of students. I'm still not sure which is better JEE or Spring (no experience in JEE), but this is THE spring tutorial you should follow. Thank you Dan, you helped me get one step closer to my goal of being a better programmer!" - Sarmad Aziz
"Amazing quality of videos, really liked them alot. Dan Vega has great knowledge." - Mudit Singh
"I think this is a mandatory course for all Java/Spring developers. Lots of valuable information. Easy to follow and topics are great. Thanks Dan!" - Mika Sormunen
"Dan is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The course itself is great with good pacing and great instruction, but Dan is also very responsive to students posting in the "Discussions" section. If you're looking to get up to speed on Spring Boot, this is the perfect course for it!" - Sean Walsh
"I am a mid-level experienced developer. I started developing with Spring recently and in process of getting certified as well. I used both XML config and JavaConfig in my projects and recently thought to use Spring Boot but really was not getting any good starting point to learn the concepts and ideas behind this project (was being lazy as well). Then I came across this course and got enrolled. Dan did a great job in explaining Spring Boot and the most I liked his emphasis that 'there is no magic going on' and explaining how Spring Boot implies default configuration out of the box. Now I dont think I am going to start any new project without Spring Boot. I normally dont write reviews but I had to appreciate Dan this time. Good job Dan. Thanks" - Muhammad Zafar
"My background: I am a junior developer working on Java web applications. I have done Spring MVC web before, and now trying to learn more of the Spring framework especially Spring Boot. Here is what I think about this course: It is well organized, and Dan really taught me some tricks and tips I have never used before, if you are a developer with some experience in Java EE, you will have no problem understanding the course, and you will find this course a great value. Also, Dan is really quick answering questions from the students." - Jason
"The course is very important to me I used it successfully in my recent project and It was successfull" - Shimelis Gessese
"This is an excellent course and Dan is a great instructor. It is a great place to start learning Spring Boot. I would highly recommend this course to anyone interested in Spring Boot." - AK
"The content is extremely well articulated and the exercises and quizzes and really useful to solidify knowledge. A lot of topics are covered in a very hands-on manner. Best course on Spring Boot I know of." - Sebastien Arbogast
"This course came along at the right time for me as I was just getting into Spring Boot. It's well-paced, well explained, and Dan is a responsive instructor. Dan clearly loves Spring Boot and his enthusiasm for the framework is infectious. I found myself really wanting to get on with writing more Spring Boot apps. I found it useful to follow along with the code development in STS and IntelliJ, even though it slowed me down, as it was a good way to get a better handle on both IDEs." - Andy Gibb

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